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About Us

Growing21 is a Development Trust that was founded in 2020, and successfully established in 2021 as a company limited by guarantee SC676923, and registered as a scottish charity: number SC051092.

Growing21 Development Trust aims to provide a voice, support community empowerment and facilitate the regeneration of Ruchazie, Glasgow. The Trust is uniquely placed to be the cornerstone of the community and strives to develop lasting and trusting partnerships with the local community and stakeholders to shape a future Ruchazie that becomes a thriving area, fit for the future and conducive to nurturing all residents within our community.  We believe empowering and supporting a community to help shape and support itself ensures long-lasting, positive change.


At Growing21 Development Trust, we believe that today’s unprecedented economic and turbulent social challenges require community-led thinking and drive to ensure successful community recovery and renewal. We know the community is expert in understanding where changes can be made to promote positive transformative change.


To realise the Trust's short, mid and long-term goals, Growing21 will adopt, implement and embed the needs of the community into all of its project design.  We will continue to ensure the community has opportunities to contribute their views and expertise into all of our projects to promote regeneration of the area.


Growing21 is committed to:


●  Placed based growth

●  Community empowerment

●  Giving the Community a voice

●  Tailored services to meet the needs of the community

●  Community Regeneration

●  Training, employability and skills in the Allotments/Community Garden

●  Embedding the local history into the community

●  Creating a welcoming and thriving social space for all

●  Creating a community where no one feels isolated


The activity of Growing21 is focussed on empowering the community to support itself and provide structures conducive to creating a 20-minute neighbourhood, via the use of place standards.


We aim to provide opportunities for local community members to access training, volunteering and personal development opportunities.  Growing21 priorities include developing and creating spaces for all ages where they can access vital services and support tailored to their needs.



● To represent the community and provide a place where people are proud to live

● To provide tailored services

● To provide opportunities to increase knowledge and skills in relation to food, health improvement, and employability

● To support the redistribution of food that would otherwise go to waste

● To empower the community to increase their disposable income

● To provide services for all within our community.

Growing21 is guided by our core values that are weaved into all our activities.


Everyone that engages with any of our programmes will be treated with the highest levels of dignity and respect.


All our services will be delivered to a high quality.


We will remain true to our core vision in all our service provision.


Services we design and deliver are available and accessible for everyone in the community.

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